Monday, August 10, 2009

The Big Stim

Well, last week proved an exciting time for the Electric Vehicle community - a massive deployment of stimulus funding toward battery and vehicle R&D. The top deck of the administration fanning across the country for the choreographed announcement at various flash points of this industrial revolution. For me, it was especially encouraging that the Smart Charging infrastructure investments were made a significant part of this, as building a strong infrastructure for rapid public and private recharging is critical to the ultimate market adoption success of electric transportation.

I am coming up on 2000 miles of all electric transportation and, as I have mentioned in previous ramblings, have had a but a single bout of acute range anxiety. The generalized, more "chronic" range anxiety has essentially faded into the background as I have learned to plan and drive within the range limits of the vehicle, and I am now comfortably in the groove of daily carbon-mitigated driving.... and loving it!

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